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In most places in Kenya, irrigation is a necessity of farming. Crops planted in Kenya require irrigation even if the rainfall is okay most times of the year. Irrigation is even on high demand especially in semi- arid areas. Water is literally life.

Plants use water to form oxygen and carbohydrates. If a plant does not get enough water, it will have a lower immunity to pests and disease, yield will decrease, and if the water stress is great enough, the plant will die.

Though irrigation is often necessary, poor irrigation can cause a multitude of environmental complications, such as depleting or degrading surface water, groundwater, or soils. An inefficient irrigation system can also cause undue stress on plants from over-watering. Other than wasting water and money, over-watering can drown crop root systems, leach nutrients, reduce root growth, cause water-logging and salt buildup in the root zone, and reduce quality and yield of the crop.

So what’s the most efficient irrigation system or method?

Farmers in Kenya have come to identify one type of irrigation system that is cost effective and has increased their vegetable production highly. This has been realized through Drip Irrigation.

Drip or trickle irrigation is well acknowledged for its efficient method of applying water and nutrients to crops. For many crops, the conversion from sprinkler to drip irrigation can reduce water use by 50 percent.

Here are just some of the advantages you can expect from a drip irrigation system;

Benefits of drip irrigation
  • Yield of crops are
  • Water is used to its maximum level by the Weeds cannot therefore absorb water as no water is available for them (Weeds are grown in less number).
  • As water is applied locally and leaching is reduced, fertilizer or nutrient loss is
  • Fertilizers can be used with high
  • Operational cost is
  • Soil infiltration capacity is
  • Fertilizers and ground water is not
  • Seed germination is
  • Wastes of fertilizers are
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