Boma Rodhes Grass

Boma Rodhes Grass: Introduction

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Rhodes grass is a vigorous, perennial grass, originating in South Africa, with a strong root system that gives it good drought tolerance. It spreads quickly, forming good ground cover,
and grows to 1.5 m. It grows under a wide range of conditions. It is useful in the cut-and-carry system and for open grazing and is popular for hay making. Common varieties are Giant, Boma (in photo), Mbarara and Masaba Rhodes.


  • Does well in low rainfall areas (<900 mm) and is drought tolerant
  • Withstands heavy grazing\
  • Its very palatable
  • Its good for hay making


  • Can be hard to establish because seed germination is poor
  • Can be overgrazed because of its high palatability
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