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Getting Kebs certification

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  1.  Furnish Kebs with the kind of business you are engaged in and whether you are a large or small-scale entrepreneur.
  2. Declare your turn-over and the value of your products per piece in the market so that you can be categorized as small or large-scale manufacturer.
  3. State the venue of your operation.
  4. Take the Kebs official through the process of making or preparing your products from the moment the raw produce arrives at your processing plant to the time it is ready to go to the market.
  5. Take the sample of one or two of your products you prepared as the Kebs official toured your plant for inspection.
  6. The sample is returned to you by Kebs with an accompanying note indicating whether they are satisfied or there are some issues you need to improve on.
  7. If there are no issues to be addressed, Kebs issues a certificate but if there are issues, take another sample of the improved product for further testing. The procedure is reviewed after every one year. The process costs Sh32,000 for small businesses.
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