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Irish Potatoes: How to Plant

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Unlike most other vegetables, Irish potatoes are not grown from seed. Instead, pieces from the potato itself start new plants. Buy good seed potatoes that are free of disease and chemicals. Do not buy potatoes from a grocery store for planting.

The seed potato contains buds or “eyes” that sprout and grow into plants. The seed piece provides food for the plant until it develops a root system. If the seed is too small, it will produce a weak plant. 0.5 Kg of seed potatoes will make 9 to 10 seed pieces.

Planting Procedure

  • Make holes 30 cm in a row with rows 75 cm apart.
  • Put one handful of manure and 10 gm of either DAP or NPK and mix well with the soil.
  • Make shallow holes at a depth of 10cm.
  • Plant the potatoes 30 cm apart with sprouts facing up. Put the tubers above the soil and cover with  light soil to form a heap so as to control weeds.


During growth, keep the soil moisture supply constant. Water the fertilizer into the soil, especially on sandy soils. Moisture stress followed by irrigation or rainfall can cause growth cracks and second growth. If the rainfall is accompanied by hot weather, the rest period of developing tubers can be broken and can cause the tubers to sprout in the soil. Too much water enlarges the pores on the tubers and makes them rot easily in storage.
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