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Irish Potatoes: Pests and Diseases

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The common pests are Boll worms, thrips, white flies, leaf miners and any other hopping insect. Insects eat potato stems/leaves.

Leaf miners

They make white patters on the leaves.

White Flies

White flies are small white insects which suck the juice from crops and are found below the leaves.


Bacterial wilt

This disease has no cure and can only be controlled by using certified seeds,crop rotation and use of clean farming tools.  Dig out sick plants with a ball of soil, put away from all other crops to dry then burn.


This is another common disease in potatoes. It is a fungal disease. On potatoes you can see the disease when the flowers abort or the leaves turn brown.  Control using fungicides like MASTER/ MISTRESS  from Osho Chemicals.

Powdery Mildew

This is a fungal disease which you can see as a white powder on the leaves of your plants. It can be treated and prevented using COTAF from Osho Chemicals.

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