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Strawberry Farming: Varieties

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Variety Name: Characteristics:
Chandler Strawberrychandlier The vigorous, high-yielding, Chandler strawberry plants produce very desirable strawberries. Chandler strawberries are very large, firm, and produce within 60 -75 days. The strawberries vary from being long and wedge-shaped to large and conical. They are a brilliant red color, glossy, and have an exceptional flavor Chandler strawberries are good for eating fresh or shipping and are very good for freezing. They are, however not the best for processing.
Douglas Strawberry
Vigorous plant, clear foliage and semi-erect habit.Great fruits, of elongate conical shape and orange red colour. Firm flesh, red-coloured with pink centre, good taste and resistance to transport damages. High yielder.
Aiko Strawberryaiko Uniform, large, long fruit, of conical shape, with a pointed end, firm flesh, pale red colour, slightly sweet, very resistant to transport and high yield.
Pajaro Strawberrypajaro It is short day variety that has a symmetrical shape, colour and flavor. It is late maturing,with low production hence not popular.
Fern Strawberryfern It is a day neutral variety that is high yielding with firm skin and sweet berry. Good for fresh market and processing.
Cambridge Favourite Strawberrycambridge-favourite Produces many runners, small sized berries that are sweet, resistant to most dis
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