On Farm Training Program

Many people in Kenya are nowadays trying to multi-task between their formal jobs and farming. These people are today known as “Urban Farmers or Telephone Farmers”. They are people who work in the town and cities and send their investments back to the rural areas or their farms for developments. However, they face a lot of challenges with some reporting problem cases of poor management, loyalty, business planning. The list is endless.
Because most telephone farmers depend on relatives and farm employees, it is important that the people working on the farm daily get the necessary training for the farm to thrive. The benefits of training are well known. Telephone Farmers in Kenya must ensure that their new are fully trained on modern farm practices so as to maximize on productivity and farm yields

We offer “On-Farm” farm training for you and your employee(s) to ensure that you get the most out of your farm.

The topics covered are;

  • How to manage Livestock & Diseases
  • Farm Management
  • Growing Crops & Disease Management
  • Financial Management & Record Keeping
  • Farm Planning and Business Analysis
  • Marketing & Value Addition

Other topics include;


  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Strategy
  • Communication
  • Employer-Employee Development
  • Performance Management

Our program is extensive and covers a wide variety of your training needs and ensures what you learn will enable you to achieve results ultimately improving the bottom line of your business.

This program is currently not available

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