Richard Ombina: Get Training and Learn

I started out my farming activity early 2015 after a tough job seeking experience, having only one cow and no capital at hand. I practiced free range grazing on my small farm since my idea behind farming was a cow feeding on grass little did I know the feeds I offered were of poor quality, I experienced a lot of challenges one of them being stunted growth in calves. These challenges confused me because I did not know what was their root cause. I added another calf to my farm later in 2015 but to poor management I ended losing it earlier in 2016.

Graduate Farmer & Mercy Corps Kenya offered a training which caught my interest since it tackled most of the issues I was facing, on attending I realized I was doing it all wrong. I came came back home planted good Fodder (Boma Rhodes) and did half an acre of silage which I have been using for the past 2weeks.

I can testify that since then I experienced a 8Kgs increase in production, the mode of feeding I copied from Willens Dairy Training Centre where the Practical Dairy Training Program was held has really helped a lot. I am thankful for the invite to the training and am happy and willing to participate in any other similar activities and mentorship.

-Richard Ombina

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